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英语六级的书信作文 大学生四级英语书信写作范文 大学英语四六级考试写作题型分析及范文(3)

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英语六级的书信作文 大学生四级英语书信写作范文 大学英语四六级考试写作题型分析及范文(3)很多朋友对这方面很关心,炎炎英文培训网整理了相关文章,供大家参考,一起来看一下吧!


英语六级的书信作文 大学生四级英语书信写作范文 大学英语四六级考试写作题型分析及范文(3)





Dear John Smith,

I am writing to invite you to attend the reunion party of our class, which will be held on Friday, the 10th of January at 7:00 p.m. at the Spring Hotel, No. 108, Jianguo Road. We have graduated for 5 years and we all missed the beautiful atmosphere of the college life. That is why we hold this party trying to recollect our early memories. We take pleasure in inviting you to join us. If you accept our sincere invitation, please inform us at your earliest convenience, enabling us to make the necessary preparations.

Yours Sincerely

Li Ming


Dear Sir or Madam:

With reference to your letter on Dec.23rd,id like to ,first of all,convey my deepest appreciation to your offering me the position of manager assistant in your company.And i am more than delighted and honored to gain your trust and assignment.

However,i have to decline this unexpected offer whih all unwillingness, which mainly results from an abrupt change in my schedule. when i applied for the position a week ago , i aslo sent an application to cloumbia University, for i hadnt yet made up my nind whether to start work afger graduation this month . What a coincidence ! i got the adminttance to the graduate school of English literrature in Columbia University the same day i received your letter. Weighing the pros and cons for an entire night ,i determine to seize the changce for further study abroad.

With my earnest apology, i do hop you can pay me due understanding and forgiveness for turning down your offer. in closing ,may your company have great prospects and enjoy extensive popularity.

yours sincerely.


英语六级的书信作文 大学生四级英语书信写作范文 大学英语四六级考试写作题型分析及范文(3)



一. 邀请信





1.I am please to invite you to participate in to be held fromto in我很高兴邀请你参加从到在举行的活动。

2.It is my pleasure/a great honor for me to invite you to如能邀请你参加是我莫大的荣幸。

3.It is my pleasure to extend an invitation to you to go traveling with me. 我很高兴邀请你和我一起去旅游。

4.I hope that you won't decline my invitation.我希望你不会拒绝我的邀请。

5.I will cover all the expenses involved.我会负责有关费用。

6.We were wondering if the session could consist of...我们想知道会议是否可以包括

7.Would you please let me know as soon as possible if you can accept my invitation?你能否早日告诉我是否能接受我的邀请?


June 23, 2008

Dear sir/madam:

We would like to invite you to an exclusive presentation of our new [product]. The presentation will take place at [location], at [time] on [date]. There will also be a reception at [time]. We hope you and your colleagues will be able to attend.

[company] is a leading producer of high-quality . As you well know, recent technological advances have made increasingly affordable to the public. Our new models offer superb quality and sophistication with economy, and their new features give them distinct advantages over similar products from other manufacturers.

We look forward to seeing you on [date]. Just call our office at [phone number] and we will be glad to secure a place for you.

Sincerely yours,


二. 英文求职信范文


April 7, 2002

Mr. Ray Hanks

Manager of Human Resources

Wayne Investments, Inc.

1023 Central Avenue

Tempa, FL 19122

Dear Mr. Hanks:

I am writing to apply for the Client Account Coordinator, which was advertised May 4th with the Career Services Center at Florida State University. I have enclosed a copy of my resume for your review. I believe that I have the training, experience and qualities that you are looking for.

According to the advertisement, your position requires excellent communication skills, computer literacy, and a B.S. degree in Finance. My studies have included courses in computer science, management information systems, speech communications, and business writing. I understand the position also requires a candidate who is team and detail-oriented, works well under pressure, and is able to deal with people in departments throughout the firm. These are skills I developed both in my course work and in my recent internship at Liberty Mutual, Inc. in Orlando, Florida.

Your job description suggests that our relationship could be mutually beneficial. I am confident that I can perform the job effectively, and I am excited about the idea of working for a dynamic, nationally recognized investment management firm.

I look forward to discussing my background and qualifications with you. If you would like to schedule an interview or otherwise discuss my interest in the position, I can be reached at (218) 365-3333.

Sincerely, Tom Sherman 炎炎英文培训网

三. 投诉信


主体段:写明投诉的原因,要展开说明,可以说具体的理由,也可以说问题的具体体现方式,比如,表达你对此事所带来 不便的感受、心情。此外,提出你对如何改进或者解决问题的建议,清楚表明你希望问题如何得到解决。



1. I am writing to you to complain about... 我现写信向你投诉有关

2. I am afraid that I have to inform you that... 我很遗憾地告诉你

3. I am completely disappointed/upset to find... 当我发现,我感到非常的失望(伤心)。

4. There are some problems with.., that I wish to bring to attention. In the lust place .... in the second place .... 我希望你注意到在方面的一些问题。一方面,;另一方面,

5. To improve the situation, it is advisable to take the following measures. For one thing .... For another .... 为了改善局面,建议采取以下措施。其一,;其二,

6. I sincerely hope that it win review its management system, with the view to (doing) ... 找真诚地希望能检讨自已的管理方式,以便

7. I look forward to a day when we could... 我期盼着有天我们能够

8. I do hope that the problems will be solved as soon as possible. 我希望问题可以尽早得以解决。

9. I hope my suggestions will be taken into consideration to improve the situation. 我希望你们能够考虑一下我的建议以便改善局面。

10. We believe that you will take this matter seriously from now on and make every effort to prevent its recurrence. 我们相信你们从现在起会认真对待这件事情的,并努力避免此事的再次发生。

四. 求学信





1.I wish to pursue my Master's degree in your prestigious university. 我希望到贵校攻读硕士学位。

2.I wish to apply to admission to your department as a post-graduate student. 我现申请攻读贵系研究生。

3.I am greatly Interested in your graduate program in College of Law and wish to apply for admission.我对贵校法学院的研究生课程非常感兴趣,并申请到贵系攻读硕士学位。

4.Would you be so kind as to provide me with some relevant in formation?您能否为我提供些相关信息呢?

5.I am writing to ask for admission to your department. It's my long-cherished dream to pursue my study in your honored department. 我申请就读于贵系,这是我长久以来的愿望。

6.It would be appreciative of you if you could send me Some relevant information at your earliest convenience. 如果您能够尽快寄给我一些相关信息,我将不胜感激。

7.Could you send me an application form as wet/as some detailed information regarding... ?您能否寄给我申请表和有关的资料?

8.If further materials are required, I am only too willing to forward them to you.如需其他材料,我非常乐意寄上。

9.I will certainly feel honored if I could be admitted to your university, which, renowned for its long history and a fine tradition of scholarship, enjoys a worldwide fame.贵校历史悠久,治学严谨,享有世界声望,如果有幸能够成为贵校的学生,我将感到无比的荣幸。

10.Would you please let me know the procedures for admission at your earliest convenience?能够尽快告知我入学的有关程序。

11.I shah be glad to furnish you with any further information concerning my education and work experience. 我很乐意为您提供我个人学习和工作经历的有关资料。

英语六级的书信作文 大学生四级英语书信写作范文 大学英语四六级考试写作题型分析及范文(3)



changes in people‘s diet

as can be seen in the table, there have been great changes in people‘s diet in the past five years. grain used to be the chinese main food, but now it is playing a less important role in peoples diet, while the consumption of some highenergy foods, such as milk and meat, has increased steadily.

what caused these changes? i think the reasons are as follows: first,the open policy brings the people opportunities to earn a lot of money.second,people nowadays pay more attention to the structure of their diet.they are seeking the most reasonable diet structure, which will do good to their health.

from the above, we can see that,with the development of the country,the level of the chinese people‘s life has changed in the past five years.i’m sure there will be greater changes in the future.


[例2]directions: for this part,you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition of no less than 100 words on income sources between chinese and american students.study the following table carefully and your composition must be based on the in formation given in the table. write three paragraphs to:

1. describe the differences of the income sources between chinese and american students.
2. analyze possible reasons for these differences.
3. predicate future tendency.


income sources between chinese students and american students
income sources of chinese students are quite different from those of american students. in china, students get 90% of their money from their parents while in america, only 50% of students` money is provided by parents. in addition, chinese students earn only 5% of their money from part time jobs and 5% from fellowship or scholarship while income from these two resources for american students takes up 35% and 15% respectively of their total income.

i think there are probably three reasons for their differences. first, because of the influence of different social and family values,chinese students have formed the habit of asking for money from their parents while american students have developed more sense of being financially independent. second, most chinese parents devote too much care to their children and they would rather save up to afford their childrens education rather than encourage them to take parttime jobs.but in america, many parents pay more attention to developing the students ability of selfreliance,so they encourage their children to find parttime job to earn some money by themselves. third, since america is more developed than china,it is relatively easy for students to find parttime jobs.in china,such opportunities are rather rare.

i believe with the development of china, more and more chinese students will realize and pay more attention to the necessity of selfdependence. in addition, more and more opportunities will be provided for them to take parttime jobs. so more students will go out of the ivory tower to broaden their knowledge and to become the master of their own lives.



命题作文要求就所给的作文题目进行写作。与其他作文相比,命题作文具有较大的自主性。因为同样的一个题目可以从不同的角度、用不同的文体来进行写作。例如“my teacher”这个题目可以写成一篇记叙文,也可以写成一篇描写文。不管用什么文体,也不管从哪个方面来写,只要写出的文章切题、流畅、条理清楚、语言正确就是一篇好文章。然而,这种较大的自主性也会使考生感到困难。因为在有限的30分钟之内,要形成提纲,并写成短文并不是件易事。这就要求考生在写命题作文时首先一定要审好题,要仔细分析题意,搞清楚题目所涉及的范围,确定文章的中心思想,切忌跑题。再者,要选择正确的文体。最后,要围绕文章的中心思想,将写作素材进行分析、归类并写好写作提纲,包括:引言句、主题句和结尾句。

以上就是炎炎英文培训网为大家带来的英语六级的书信作文 大学生四级英语书信写作范文 大学英语四六级考试写作题型分析及范文(3),希望能帮助到大家!
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